Monday, January 16, 2012

Extreme Food Day 2

Green Mountain, much anticipated providers of our hot beverages, arrived and built what we dubbed "the great wall of coffee." This is just  a teeny tiny section of the wall of coffee.

Green Mountain is not only providing beverages but cups, stirrers, and friendly staff around the clock. Weigels is providing little cups of Half & Half--4,000 of them. And I'll bet we use every one.

Next to arrive was Melissa McCay from Chick Fil A. They offered us a thousand sandwiches, which we decided to spread over several days.

The Chick Fil A ladies have been a favorite on the job site--who doesn't love a regular or spicy chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A? I try to grab a spicy one from them when I can.

Next up were the folks from Parkwest Hospital--and, please, no jokes about hospital food. They have a well-deserved reputation for serving great food. They may have to serve jello and consomme to post-surgery patients, but everyone else gets fantastic food, and I'm sure even the jello and consomme are not bad. They served meals at 6 pm, 10 pm, and 2 am the same night. Thanks, Parkwest.

It was all good, but the desserts created a buzz. First off, there was this great cake.

Then these lovely nibbles.

And great people

 I don't eat many sweets, but these were great enough that I created my own dessert platter with slivers of my favorites.

I caught Volunteer Gary Bentley and Food Team Member Pamela Chips during an Extreme moment: an extremely good time before they got back to work.

On my way home to the RV (donated by Buddy Gregg) that is my home for the next week, I ran into Brad Brinker, security guard, enjoying dinner from Parkwest.

Brinker liked the salad, ravioli, and bread and didn't even mind the location. He said, " I always eat by the side of the road in the rain--it's fun."

Brinker's right--It's fun (and a little crazy) and sometimes by the side of the road (in the rain)--that's what we're having.


  1. Park West is a wonderful Moxley Carmichael client and I have eaten there many times when a loved one has been being "well treated" there. Wow, those desserts look fabulous. Hello to my buddy Roger Ricker! I think I spotted him in one of the photos.

  2. Yes, that is Roger standing with the group at the dessert table. They were all great to work with and brought a lot of excitement to the Food Tent.