Monday, May 14, 2012

Another 14+ Hour Day in Paradise...

14 + hour days---not unusual around here. And we both (+ Caesar) love it. Well, OK, we love it. Caesar's on board if he wants that special indoor kitty chow--the stuff that adds a hint of grass to the usual flavors.

Bill's at the City County Building most days by no later than 7 am. At that hour, I'll confess, I'm usually still in bed--drinking tea and catching up on the news and FB on the I-pad (Slacker!). And with Caesar snuggled up next to me, it's especially hard to get up (Slacker Cat!).

But at the end of the day, I am so grateful for the warming drawer. Tonight I made shrimp & grits, one of our favorites, after I got home from a meeting. Popped dinner into the warming drawer and didn't have to worry about how long that pesky City Council Pension Workshop lasted. I'm a warming drawer fan: Keeps dinner warm but doesn't overcook it. Even the shrimp doesn't get tough.

Even way past 14+ hours, Bill's still checking messages as soon as he gets home.

And Caesar's still sitting on the "treat step," hoping we'll toss something his way.

A quiet dinner at home--that's what we're finally having. See you at 5 am. Some of us are more excited about that than others...


  1. Oh, Gay, you are making me so heartsick for the warming drawer I used to have! Sigh.

  2. We weren't sure we could fit a warming drawer into the kitchen renovation, but I am so glad it worked out. Wish you could have fit one in, too.