Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Progressive Pre-Gameday Tailgate Party

Last night's Downtown Progressive was a lot of fun--as always. You can read about the last one at this link:

For these Progressives, we always choose a theme and invite a guest or two we are hoping to recruit to downtown living. Since the party was set for the night before the UT vs Florida game, we decided on a tailgate theme. Our recruits? Dan and Cathy Brown. I kept it easy and casual: a chili bar with 10 toppings and box wine on our roof. A tailgate party on a roof? Why not? It's just like the G-10 parking garage next to the stadium--but a lot less crowded.

A word about chili. Whatever else I throw into the pot, my basic recipe has two essential ingredients, Mexene Chili Powder and Bush's Best Chili Hot Beans.

Last night's version was vegetarian and less spicy than usual to accommodate various palates and preferences.

We started in the courtyard at Cherokee Lofts, home of Cynthia Moxley and Alan Carmichael, where we had bacon-wrapped cream cheese jalapeno bites, tomato-basil spread, and a cheese ball. Note the pretty Vol-themed platters--in keeping with our tailgate theme. That's a glass of "Gator Blood" in the background--more about those in a minute.

Cynthia thought the bacon-wrapped jalapenos were way too hot and almost didn't put them out, but most of us loved them. If you want to decide for yourself, you can get the recipe at this link:

Check out this "pumpkin"--a creative fall take on a cheese ball. (The orange color comes from crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos!)

Get the recipe at this link:

Cynthia always has amusing cocktail napkins:

The Gator Blood--aka Orange Slush--was refreshing and delicious. Here's the recipe:

Orange Slush aka Gator Blood
6 oz. fresh orange juice
12 oz. frozen lemonade
6 oz. vodka
6 oz. apricot brandy
1 quart Fresca
Chablis (chilled)

Enjoying the food, drinks, and company:

Kristin Grove, Karen Eberle, and Eddie Mannis, all residents at the Glencoe.

Alan Carmichael and Monique Anderson, who also lives at the Glencoe

Mickey Mallonee, who lives at the Emporium, and Nora Robinson, 
another Glencoe resident. The Glencoe was well represented last night.

Bruce Anderson and Bill Lyons

Kristin took a photo of me with Kim Trent, who lives at the Emporium, just before she and I left for Kendrick Place to set out the food and drinks there. 

When the guests arrived they headed straight for the crockpot of chili and started piling on their favorite toppings.

Wonder what Nora and Mickey are looking at?

Love the lights in the background. Seated far right is Kkin Fairbank,
who will soon be moving into the Elliot (at the corner of Church & State)

Uh-oh, I think Cynthia put a blurry hex on my camera when she saw me taking her picture. 

Karen, Bruce, and Dan Brown, whose wife Cathy joined us later

Then it was off to the courtyard between the Glencoe and the Elliott for BBQ and dessert hosted by Eddie, who recently moved to the top floor of the Glencoe. I got one final picture before my flash sputtered and died.

Kristin, Kim, and Gina Changas

Another fun Downtown Progressive...That's what we're having.


  1. Jealous. It looks wonderful.

  2. Great job, Gay! It was a blast! I really love the sky in the photos taken on your roof. We timed it right to get there at dusk. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect night to be tromping around downtown, could we? Looking forward to the next one!