Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why Should Potatoes Have All the Fun?

I've roasted fennel before--but always as part of a roasted root vegetable platter. Tonight, with a fennel bulb on hand & no particular plans for it, I decided to give it a try as a solo performer.

Peheat oven to 400. Slice fennel bulb in half lengthwise. Then slice into 1/2 inch strips. Include core. Toss with 1/8 c. olive oil, salt, & pepper. Roast for an hour, tossing pieces every 15 minutes.

They were great. We ate every bite & almost fought over the last few.

Fennel Fries--that's what we're having.

NOTE: I adapted these from Barefoot Contessa's recipe. I think the parmesan cheese would be a good addition, but it is not necessary.

Roasted Fennel with Parmesan

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