Monday, March 26, 2012

An Eventful Lunch

After Liz got a good report from the physical therapist today, we celebrated with lunch at Holly's Eventful Lunch, an offshoot of Holly's Eventful Dining.

What a great idea--Holly posts a different menu every week. All we have to do is show up and enjoy.

We interrupt for a Public Service Announcement: Come to Dogwood After Dark this Thursday at Knoxville Museum of Art and enjoy Holly's dance-inspired appetizer menu. It's going to be a fabulous party--great food, lots of beverages--including the signature beverage, the Dogwood Dazzle. Dance, dance, dance. And fun, fun, fun. Trust me. Would I steer you wrong?

But whatever the season, every day, every week, check out the lunch menu at Holly's Eventful Lunch. Make friends with Holly on Facebook and get the menu each week. She's making it pretty, too. Love the vintage tablecloths. And look at these tulips in a mason jar.

I thought the artichoke-lemon soup I had last week was the best soup ever. Maybe not. Today's garlic- pistachio soup may just have been better. You can't go wrong with either one. Here's the garlic-pistachio soup.

At Holly's suggestion, I ordered the garlic roasted flank steak with guacamole, cumin, Locust Grove Cheese, lettuce, and tomato. I ordered the half sandwich (so I could have the small cup of that divine soup). Wonderful!

Liz ordered the same thing--but as a wrap.

Even the check was cleverly delivered--in a mason jar.

I recommend that you have an eventful lunch soon. That's what we're having.

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