Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Fun Time on the Road with Knox Heritage

The Trolley Tour--in an historic neighborhood of your choice--is a popular auction item at the Knox Heritage fall fundraiser, The Scruffy City Soiree. Read about last year's Soiree on my friend Cynthia Moxley's blog, The Blue Streak. Last year's high bidder for this tour, Kirk Finnerty, chose the Kingston Pike, Lyons View, Sequoyah Hills neighborhood, and yesterday he and a group of his friends, spent a couple of hours on a tour, narrated by Knox Heritage Executive Director, Kim Trent, complete with festive beverages and boxes of snacks. I was in charge of snacks. What do you serve 3:30-5:30 to a group of folks riding on a trolley? Here's what we came up with.

Ham Biscuits

Fruit Skewers

Savory Skewers

And for a little bite of something sweet, Lindor Dark Chcolate Truffles.

Ready to hit the road in the boxes (donated by our friend Stanton Webster, general manager at Nama Sushi Bar).

Here's the happy group at the end of the tour. That's Kim Trent on the far left, and Kirk Finnerty on the far right.

See you in September at Scruffy City Soiree 2012 at The Foundry.

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  1. Wow, that looks like fun! And the food looks fabulous! Great job!