Sunday, December 25, 2011

An extremely minimal Christmas

I've been so busy with my duties as Food Coordinator for the upcoming Extreme Makeover Home Edition build in Knoxville January 10-18, that Christmas sneaked up on me. I've never been one to do much decorating, but this year I out-minimalized myself. Here it is in all its glory--our Christmas mantle.  That's our little mercury glass Christmas tree (from Bliss Home) on the left and our wreath from Samuel Franklin. I rounded up some candles and glass bottles from around the house to complete the holiday tableau.

We're just piling the gifts in front of the fireplace. Looks like Santa did a lot of shopping at Bliss and Downtown Wine & Spirits. Didn't even have to move the sleigh to get that done.

Not very Christmassy, are we?

I am so glad we have friends who do it up in style. Yesterday we borrowed a little Christmas spirit by visiting Larry and Jane Martin. Here's their pretty tree ringed with beautifully wrapped packages.

Their mantle puts ours to shame.

There was a table full of goodies around a centerpiece of candles and magnolias.

(Here's what's currently in the middle of our dining room table:  A basket of apples, a few Christmas cards from the people who continue sending them to us though we haven't managed to reciprocate, and some random pieces of mail.)

Jane served lots of yummy stuff on holiday platters. Baked Brie.

Asparagus Rolls.

Ham Sandwiches.

Cheese Tarts.

And tons of sweets.

Look at this Cristmassy group in their red sweaters. Bill, Jane Martin, Bo Shafer, Jane Suffridge (or is it Jane Shafer now?), and Larry Martin. Bo & Jane, who recently married, look very happy.

Two of Bill & Jo Terry's two daughters are home for the holidays and dropped by with their father, Dr. Bill Terry. That's Elizabeth & husband Dallas on the left and Laura on the right. Julia stayed in NYC for Christmas. Grandma Jo was babysitting Elizabeth & Dallas's napping son.

Here's Bill with his Christmas gift from Larry--a 12 pack of Tab. As Tab lovers know, that stuff is hard to find.

Wonder how that Tab would look on our mantle?

A no-fuss Christmas. That's what we're having.


  1. There is rarely a disadvantage to being the babysitter (not to mention package wrapper) on Christmas Eve. So sorry I missed the party!
    Thanks for sharing. Jane's food, decorations, and their hospitality are traditions that we all enjoy.

  2. What a fun gathering that looks like! So glad to hear the good news about Jane and Bo. Their courtship has been so sweet!

  3. Jane & Bo do look so happy. Now, what I want to know is where did that 12-pack of Tab go? Do yoi think it was taken to th

    So sweet! Love how happy Bo & Jane look. Now--where did that 12-pack of Tab go? Hmm

  4. john dominic barbarinoDecember 30, 2011 at 12:33 AM

    Simple is so elegant, and really sends the message of love, beauty and fulfillment. Lovely, Gay. Very nice. Since the lovely heavy wood moulding apartment doors were replaced with flat painted metal fire doors this year, I put up a white bordered 5x7 color shot of the teddy bear in the wreath that hung on the now gone brass Lion door knocker. Double stick tape. Done. Though, this year, finally after seven years, a lovely live four footer with white lights and lots of great antique decorations. Cards were suspended pinned on ribbons. The fire escape out of the flanking windows is bare of any snow or excess. And gifts this year were old photos from the sixties painstakingly restored and printed on good professional photo paper. The edible gifts were little tidbits of baked biscotti-like cookies with dark chocolate bits. Didn't wrap any wine. We drink it mostly. And so does everyone else. No time for ribbons and tape. Merry Christmas.