Monday, December 5, 2011

Smoked Salmon with Corn & Black Bean Salsa on live TV

Smoked Salmon with Corn & Black Bean Salsa was served at a Knox Heritage Summer Supper in 2006. I'll be making it for the first time--in front of a lot of people on live TV. Not that I'm nervous...

Here's the cookbook. You can buy one (or more!) for $20 at


Cooking in a 3-5 minute segment on live TV is tricky. I used to do it every other Wednesday on the Style show. It's been a while, but I think I remember some of the tricks. Number one is to do everything you can before showing up at the station. Your time on camera is all about assembly. Here's what I did to get ready for today's visit to Live at 5 at 4 on WBIR.

I got out sugar and spices, squeezed two limes, and measured some oil.

I flaked smoked salmon and drained and combined black beans and corn.

Caesar helped by licking the packaging the salmon was in.

I diced green chilies, a red pepper, and two scallions.

The cilantro and herb shears are ready to go. I decided I'd rather prep those during the segment.

Everything's ready to go.

Bet it'll look prettier all mixed together.

Smoked Salmon with Black Bean & Corn Salsa--that's what we're having today on Live at 5 at 4. Tune in & wish me luck!

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