Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet Me at The Orangery

It's not hard to find a place for a club or organization to meet monthly, but it's hard for a regular/standing committee of 6-10 people to find a good place to meet monthly for lunch. Sure, you can reserve a table at any restaurant, but for a serious committee meeting, everyone needs to be able to hear everyone from one end of the table to the other--and not be heard at the next table. That requires private space.

The Knox Heritage Special Events Committee, which meets on the third Monday of every month to plan all kinds of events for the preservation organization, has discovered that The Orangery meets our committee's needs. They have small meeting rooms plus reasonable lunch prices, great service, and a central location.

When you arrive for your meeting, you'll be greeted by Jane Kendrick, who is always helpful and pleasant.

I usually order the quiche and side salad, which is what I ordered the very first time I had lunch at The Orangery when I moved to Knoxville in the late 70's. They still do it as well now as they did then.

I miss the Eggs Benedict, which is no longer on the menu, but its absence makes my lunchtime order simpler. You can't go wrong with the quiche.

There are other options.

Pamela Chips loved the Beef Tips.

Becky Hancock praised the Boursin Chicken.

 That's what we're having. Besides having a good meeting .

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