Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Serendipitous Dining

After a meeting at Metro Pulse late this morning, I headed to the Wednesday Farmers' Market on Market Square. The Wednesday market sometimes gets overshadowed by the bigger market on Saturdays, but skipping it is a mistake. For example, Tony and Nora Ricono of Abundant Harvest Farm are only on Market Square on Wednesdays. Other days they are at Laurel Church of Christ, the Jackson Square Market in Oak Ridge, and others. A while back I stumbled upon their vegan nutburger patties (two for $3) and loved the tasty, moist, healthy burgers. So I headed over to pick up some patties for lunch.

Can't you tell these are loaded with goodness? And you never know what else you'll find.

While chatting with Tony and Nora, who offer quite an array of products, I was attracted to another of their offerings: a pizza made with garlic, fresh basil, and roasted tomatoes. I couldn't resist taking one home.

Could you have resisted? I don't think so. 

On the way home, I decided some kale salad from Just Ripe would be the perfect accompaniment to both my nutburger lunch and our pizza dinner. This salad--made with kale, chopped apple, and sunflower seeds--has become a favorite. 

Back at home, I thought I had some hummus to smear on the bun with the nutburger, but, surprisingly, I was out, so I surveyed some of my options.

None were quite right, so I went with old reliable Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard. Here's my Nutburger with a side of kale salad:


For dinner, I heated the pizza in a 400 degree oven for a few minutes. It looked and smelled divine.

This is a simple pizza with few ingredients, but you could dress it up, add cheese, other toppings. I liked it as is with a side of kale salad.

That's what we're having.


  1. Very interesting, Gay. I am one of those who tends to overlook the Wednesday market. Too bad the season is almost over. Next year I will make a point to also patronize the Wednesday vendors.

  2. I'm so glad I finally found your blog! It is bookmarked now and I will check often. I agree with Cynthia - I often overlook the Wednesday market. I have an empty cupboard now and wish I had some of its delectable offerings!