Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Winning Combination

No one attends a political event for the food. Those jokes about "rubber chicken" have some basis in fact. So when Bill and I and our friend Cynthia Moxley headed out last night to an event for Madeline Rogero at the home of Greg and Jennifer Dunn, I didn't expect tasty victuals.

Surprise! Within a few moments of arrival, we were offered a lovely tray of appetizers.

My favorites were the tiny blue cheese and pine nut tarts and the endive stuffed with spicy pimento cheese, but the curried chicken salad on toast, sausage-stuffed mushrooms, and tomato bruschetta were delicious as well. I discovered the reason for the delightful spread when I spotted Northshore Brasserie's Stephanie Balest and her crew.

Awesome job, Brasserie. The tasty tidbits were a great lead-in to the "meat" of the evening: the arrival of the candidate.

Standing on the stairs with the Dunns, Madeline discussed the campaign, her record and vision, and the need for everyone to VOTE on November 8. Early Voting began yesterday, and many who were present had already voted, including my husband Bill who always votes as soon as he can.

Madeline has my vote for mayor, and Northshore Brasserie's appetizers were a winner last night.

A winning combination: That's what we're having.


  1. You are right on about those nibbles, Gay! Good pictures, too!

  2. My bad! I forgot to mention that the photos came from Moxley, who came to my rescue when I discovered I'd left my camera at home. And yes, they are very good photos.