Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Exceptionally Yummy Girls Night Out

Because most of us own enough "stuff," the fun, unique experiences auctioned off at charity fundraisers have a lot of appeal. I've been on plenty of teams offering experiences--"Four Flights Up" (a wine dinner concluding on our roof), "Wish You Were Here" (a postcard tour of downtown), and The Union Avenue Ramble (including brunch at our house) to benefit Knox Heritage--but last night I got to be a guest at a culinary experience purchased at a charity auction by my pal Cynthia Moxley:  a cooking demonstration with Peter Glander, Executive Chef at Ruby Tuesday, at the The Glass Bazaar. About a dozen girlfriends gathered to watch Chef Glander demonstrate three dishes and then dine on the results. Thanks, Cynthia!

The first course was kale salad with buttermilk vinaigrette

A croquette made of potatoes, andouille sausage, and mustard greens and pimento cheese grits.

Chef Glander smushed the cooked potatoes with his fingers and sliced the greens into a chiffonade.

The bread pudding was as delicious as it looks.

Chef Glander baked individual portions in muffin tins. It presented well and cooked quickly. What a great idea.

A yummy night with the girls. That's what we're having.

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