Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roquefort, Fennel, & Walnut Pasta

No offense to my restaurant-owning friends, but I'd never eat out on Valentine's Day. Too darn crowded. Our tradition is a February 14 dinner at home. It doesn't get much simpler than this.

A nice Spanish red table wine.

Romaine, tangerines, and fennel with a spicy blue cheese vinaigrette.

One of our favorite pasta dishes, roquefort, fennel, and walnuts with farfalle pasta.

The recipe is from a great little cookbook called While The Pasta Cooks: 100 Simple Sauces You Can Make While The Pasta Cooks. Recommend!

For dessert, a valentine exchange and a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey. A simple dinner at home.

That's what we're having.

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  1. Could not agree more! God knows, Alan and I love restaurants. I think I'm "mayor" of a million of them on foursquare. But I wouldn't get within a mile of one on VD: that's the night to let the amateurs have the dining rooms! We stayed home, too, and ate one of our favorite meals: steamed snow crab legs with a baked potato and a salad. It was perfect. But we are really looking forward to reclaiming our dining room seats during upcoming Restaurant Week!