Thursday, February 2, 2012

Extreme Food Day 6

Once again, all kinds of people showed up to help us feed the workers and volunteers.

Southernly Sweet dropped off some desserts.

It was amazing how many people showed up out of the blue to drop off food and beverages. Lora, Daniel, and Jenn Bell brought cookies and snacks.

The Petros Truck was a huge hit. They came two days in a row. Here are Edwin Wang, Brenda Portwood, and Henry Wang. The Wang brothers are partners in the business.

Oops--I forgot to take a photo of my Petro. But from the empty cup, you can tell I enjoyed it.

Here's one of our intrepid volunteers preparing to deliver a meal.

All week long, all we had to do to get beverages was walk to the Pepsi truck parked a short distance away.

Some people went nuts over the "throwback" Mountain Dew.

I'm not a big Mountain Dew fan, but I was so grateful to Pepsi for their donation of so many Pepsi products that I stocked the refrigerator in the RV with Diet Pepsi.

 I didn't realize how swollen my foot was until I took off my muddy boots to enter the RV for the night. (Food Team member Janet Testerman lent me the cute reindeer sox.)

My right foot was so sore and swollen that I finally sat down, put my foot up, and applied ice. I was hoping to be back to normal by morning.

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