Thursday, February 2, 2012

Extreme Food Day 7

We still didn't have water in the RV, so I started the day with a dry shampoo. Thank goodness I threw it in my bag when I left home.

It actually works pretty well, but I really wanted to take a shower and wash my hair. Instead, I had a healthy breakfast: Granny Smith apples, peanut butter, almonds--and ibuprofen.

I had been persuaded to give my foot a rest, so I didn't go to the Food Tent at all. It was amazing how easily I kept on top of things thanks to my laptop and blackberry. In fact, I may have been more productive operating from my Food Tent Command Post in the RV. My biggest disappointment was not being able to take photos of people donating food.

Rachel Bodenbender showed up that day to put down some plastic covering to protect the RV from all the mud. We all took off our boots at the door, but inevitably, mud invaded. She's been a producer on all kinds of shows, but she signed up to be a production assistant (low person on the totem pole) on the EMHE makeover because she wanted to be involved in an EMHE build. She made my day by promising that I'd have running water soon.

Yay. Rachel was right. The shower--with running water--was a welcome sight.

Later someone brought me a BBQ dinner cooked by the nice people at Shafer Insurance Company. They cooked BBQ for 250 people two nights in a row.

Volunteer Coordinator Kim Henry dropped by to say hello--and to have one of the apple fritters Stokely Hospitality cooked on site that night.

I  had hoped a day off my feet would take care of the problem, but my foot and ankle remained sore, swollen, and red.

I agreed to see Dr. Chris Testerman (Janet's cousin) the next morning. Janet worked in the Food Tent most of the night, took a nap in the RV, and drove me to the doctor's office at 7:30 am. Because I had recruited the Best Food Team ever, I knew everything in the Food Tent was in good hands. Food was showing up on schedule, unplanned donations continued to arrive, and no one went hungry.

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