Thursday, February 2, 2012

Extreme Food Day 5

Day 5 brought an outpouring of food from the community. And we were so grateful for it.

Daisy Troop 2060 brought Girl Scout cookies and hot cocoa. Because they were not 18, they couldn't deliver these treats to the job site. Here's a Parkwest Volunteer getting ready to deliver some Girl Scout cookies.

Food City dropped off some cold cut trays and loaves of bread. We used these to make sandwiches later.

Thanks to the generosity of so many people, including Akima Club of Knoxville and many individuals who just showed up with boxes full of snacks, our Supply Tent was replenished. It looks like a lot, doesn't it?

You wouldn't believe how quickly we ran through snacks.

Tiffany & Whitman Edmiston delivered buckets of wings from Quaker State Wings.

The wings were a big hit.

Our friends from Pizza Hut, Jamie Bailey and Elaine Lyons (no relation but we started calling each other 'cousin'), showed up with more pizza. I lost track of how many times these sweet ladies showed up with pizza.

Dinner was provided by UT Culinary Institute: chicken parmesan pasta, green beans, bread, and brownies.

If you come to the Market Square Farmers Market, you're familiar with Rick Rickover's bread. He's on the staff at the culinary school.

Here's the team from UT Culinary Institute. They left us a big "hot box" that helped us a lot the rest of the week. "You need it more than we do," they said.

Once again, it was a long, busy day, but a good day--no one went hungry.

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